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My Weekend

2018-01-20 17:56:39 0 By: Sam Times Read: 219

Whether it’s shopping at the mall with girlfriends, a late lunch or just a drive up the coast, your day always starts by first standing in front of your bureau and closet rummaging for ‘what must we wear’ today?  We always say it doesn’t matter but then remembering the time we noticed ‘that girl’ at the mall wearing the same outfit, except for the shoes and purse of course, and oh how dejected and distraught we felt.  Don’t want that to happen again, now do we?  So, we try something else to see if that might be right for today’s activities and plans as we once again hear the clock down the hall chiming out the hour.  

Things haven’t changed that much in the last fifty years I guess.  As women with it all together we want to look our best at all times because we never know just who or what we may run into or if the plans of the day suddenly shift in a different direction will we be able to adjust and work it all into what we originally had planned.  Yes, we may change our mind a dozen times, after all, that’s our prerogative and we think nothing about it.  We just move forward and roll with the flow.

Whether we choose ripped jeans for a casual but comfortable ‘look’ or more seasonal style depending on the season, we are confident as we dash about eager to begin our planned itinerary.  Our hurried mind keeping us ahead of anything that might attempt to derail our plans for the day.  We have been planning this day with great anticipation since earlier in the week and almost every detail has been ‘hashed’ and ‘re-hashed’ a number of times, so as not to allowed any unforeseen disruption or delay.

Confident at last, with our choice of attire for the day and reaching for the keys to our car and bound down the stairs glancing one more time at the hall mirror and with a grin giving full approval and stepping over the sleeping cat nestled on the rug by the door, down the steps and across the neatly kept front lawn to my ‘ride’ waiting patiently, ready to accompany me and the plans we have made for the day memorable excursion…


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